Worlds Wrap-Up: What’s Next for LoL and DraftKings Esports

We did it! LoL’s 2015 World Championship tournament took us through many sleepless nights and early mornings with the time zone difference, but it’s all wrapped up now. The almost-undefeated SK Telecom squad may be the best team we’ve ever seen play on the Worlds stage, and absolutely deserved the win.

Along the epic journey all throughout October, we got to see amazing games and have some fun in DK’s fantasy competitions. Hopefully, you made a little money along the way too.

If not, don’t worry! DraftKings’ esports competitions have only just begun, and we’ll be expanding our coverage of esports right here on The DraftKings HUD to make sure that you’re kept in the loop the whole way, and have every chance of succeeding.

Worlds in Hindsight

It would be easy to look at the outcome of Worlds—the insanely talented SKT roster won—and assume it was a typical, predictable tournament. But we know better. We were there for every crazy upset and unbelievable outplay.

We saw NA teams dominate in the first week of the tournament, threatening to usurp all the other regions not named Korea. Then we saw them collapse in week 2 with a collective 0-9 record. We saw Taiwan’s Flash Wolves outperform all expectations and fight their way into the quarterfinals. We saw Chinese teams get punished for their lack of preparation and underperform throughout the entire tournament. We saw EU rise to the occasion and assert themselves as the #2 region in the world.

And, then, we finally saw Korea remind everyone that they’re still the best region in the world, owning both sides of the Rift in the Finals match on Saturday.

But more than anything else, we were exposed to a lot of new teams and players most of us had never followed before. I know I’m absolutely a KOO Tigers and Flash Wolves fan now. They were incredibly exciting to watch and creative in their playstyles. I hope you found a few new players or teams to root for as well.

What’s Next for LoL?

Now that Worlds is officially over, we’re entering the off-season for League of Legends. Thankfully, though, it’s not nearly as long as the off-season in most traditional sports. The North American and European leagues usually start up again in late January, and Korea’s league has started even before that, kicking off in December last year.

But don’t think the next few months are going to get boring. This is a time for drama, rumors, and all the fun stuff that surrounds roster changes. Already, one of the most long-time and prominent NA players, Doublelift, transferred to his longtime rival team of TSM after getting kicked to the curb by CLG. Many teams have announced they’re cleaning house without announcing who they’re bringing in. Things are going to get very, very exciting, and we’ll continue to keep you up to date with all the big news right here.

What’s Next For Us?

Like I mentioned above, we’re going to continue to bring you all the news, insight, and analysis you need to make sense of the chaos that is the LoL off-season. What’s going to happen to Cloud9 after they drop their support and move Hai out of the jungle? Does Team8 changing their name to Immortals actually fix anything? Will the new mystery TSM roster dominate the region like Fnatic did, or fall apart like Elements did? We’ll help break down everything going on, so you can jump into next season’s competitions on DraftKings with all the inside scoop.

On top of that, we’re ready to branch out. If DraftKings begins offering competitions for other esports (and there are a lot of them out there!), we’ve got experts standing by ready to help you learn each and every one of them. We hope you’ll stick with us, and let us know what you find most helpful, or what you want to see us offer more of in the future. Please let us know on Twitter!

The closest Josh Augustine ever got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.