Worlds Finals Preview

SK Telecom T1 vs KOO Tigers

The moment of truth is finally here, the time has come where we will learn which team will be crowned champions of the 2015 season. In the left corner we have SK Telecom T1 who enter as the odds on favorite to take the title, and in the right corner we have the KOO Tigers who as an organization have been around for less than a year. During the LCK season we had SKT dispatching KOO handily each time so hopefully with the two best teams from worlds this year we will get to see a full five game series. Here’s a quick rundown of the lane matchups and my final prediction of who will take the title.


Marin (SKT)

Entering this game we have the two best top laners in the world and being one of them Marin has been a true stud for his team all tournament long. He has been so good he has been considered by many, including me, to be the best overall player of worlds. Along with incredibly strong mechanical play Marin has been the lead shot caller for his team and that just adds to his greatness. I look for Marin and Smeb to go head to head proving who’s the best and I can’t wait.

Smeb (KOO)

Coming off a dismantling of Huni and Fnatic we have Smeb who has given dominant performance after performance this whole tournament. With incredible performances on Fiora Smeb has been a force in the top lane and the biggest reason KOO is now in the finals. I look for a real slugfest between Smeb and Marin and it should be a real treat.

Advantage: Marin (SKT)


Bengi (SKT)

“The jungle itself” a fitting nickname that Bengi has earned and proven time and time again. This tournament has been no exception either as Bengi has been the ideal jungler with exceptional ganking, vision control and team fighting. I expect nothing less from him as he goes into the finals attempting to become, along with Faker, a repeat champion.

Hojin (KOO)

Coming in and replacing Wisdom not much was expected of Hojin, but he has come in and performed admirably. Especially coming into worlds not much was expected from KOO’s jungler but Hojin has overperformed in a huge way and if he’s gonna go toe to toe with Bengi he will need to continue his high level of play.

Advantage: Bengi (SKT)


Faker (SKT)

The incomparable Faker has lived up to all his hype with incredibly strong and aggressive play he has been “the unkillable demon king” that we have all come to expect. With Faker having one of the highest farm differentials among mid laners and Kuro having one of the lowest I look for Faker to push his advantages and influence the game by punishing Kuro’s weak laning skills and if he didn’t need more motivation Faker is looking to be the first player, along with Bengi, to be a multiple worlds winner.

Kuro (KOO)

Kuro has actually played pretty well, but pretty well isn’t enough to beat Faker and I look for Kuro’s mistakes and flaws to be exposed by Faker. If KOO are to have any shot at even winning a game then Kuro is going to need to limit his mistakes and create opportunities to gain an advantage over Faker, good luck to him.

Advantage: Faker (SKT)

AD Carry

Bang (SKT)

The KDA leader all tournament Bang has been incredible with godlike positioning, laning and teamfighting, and I see no reason for him to slow down. I expect Bang to play like the god he is and to continue carrying SKT through this tournament.

Pray (KOO)

One of the most veteran players in the scene Pray has been around since the beginning and he’s still going strong which is a testament to how good he was and still is. I expect Pray to be a big factor in any of KOO’s wins with his strong Ashe play and positioning in team fights.

Advantage: Bang (SKT)


Wolf (SKT)

With Bang’s incredible run this tournament it’s easy for people to overlook Wolf’s performance, but without your support you are nothing as an AD player and Bang is no exception. Wolf has been everything you would want in a support with strong vision control, roaming and laning and I don’t see any reason for him to slow down.

Gorilla (KOO)

The one edge that KOO has is with Gorilla, entering worlds as one of the best supports in the world he has not disappointed with incredible play after play. Gorilla will need to have his “A+” game if KOO are to even think about winning a game let alone this series. KOO’s chances and play hinges on Gorilla being the force that he is.

Advantage: Gorilla (KOO)

With the way both teams have gone through this tournament there can be no doubt that we have the two best teams. The problem is that SKT is on a whole nother level than anyone else and I think KOO will be hard pressed to win a game let alone this series.


SKT win 3-1