Worlds Day 8 Preview: Group B

1) Cloud 9 (3-0) – Cloud 9 heads leads group B and looked like the only team that knew what they were doing in all THREE games. Even though they didn’t win their first three matches in a dominant fashion they still had a cohesive gameplan that they executed throughout the whole game and that’s what led them to their 3-0 record. Now entering week two we need to see if week one was: enemy teams underestimating them, Cloud 9 playing above their level, or Cloud 9 just is this good, tomorrow will tell and I can’t wait as Cloud 9 is North America’s final shining hope.

T2) IG (1-2) – IG have looked better and better each time they’ve take the stage, now if this trend continues they can make a real run during week two and separate themselves from the rest of the pack to make it out of the group. If IG are to do well tomorrow look for Kakao and Rookie to be the cause and if they do poorly look at Kid and Kitties to be the culprits.

T2) Fnatic (1-2) – Not many people would have thought that Fnatic would enter week two with a 1-2 record. Heralded as one of, if not the, best team in the west Fnatic has really dropped the ball. Only Rekkles and Febiven have shown consistent good play even in their losses and that’s a worrying trend that Fnatic needs to stop. I expect Fnatic to play with the same confidence and team play that got them to worlds in the first place but is it too little too late now that they have dug themselves into this hole?

T2) ahq e-Sports Club (1-2) – ahq entered worlds as the biggest wild card, no one could put their finger on them and say how they would finish, and their play has been indicative of that. Looking both amazing and terrible in their games it’s very hard to figure out ahq’s place in this group. I feel that ahq will be the X factor in tomorrow’s games and they will swing the group in their favor for someone else and I can’t wait.


Game 1: ahq vs IG – IG win

Game 2: Fnatic vs Cloud 9 – Cloud 9 win

Game 3: ahq vs Cloud 9 – Cloud 9 win

Game 4: IG vs Fnatic – IG win

Game 5: Cloud 9 vs IG – IG win

Game 6: Fnatic vs ahq – Fnatic win