The 2016 Spring Fantasy LoL Cheatsheet

Fantasy LoL kicks off tomorrow with LCK, the Korean league! Then we’ve got five jam-packed days of back-to-back LoL matches across all five major regions—and each will get its own contests here on DraftKings. It’s going to be glorious.

We’ve already provided a lot of analysis to help you hit the ground running, and will continue to provide Target articles every day for the LCS regions. In case you missed it, be sure to read these other primers:
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But if you only have time to read one article, this is the one—the pinnacle of preview content. A cheatsheet reference list focused entirely on giving you the most important info you need to draft on day one, without that pesky deep analysis getting in the way. Plus, everyone loves lists, right?

Teams You Can Rely On

The hardest part of a new season is figuring out which teams you can rely on in those first few weeks to win games and get points. Obviously, matchups matter and we’re going to be highlighting those in Targets articles, but these are the teams we think will produce the most reliable fantasy players for you across the entire season. When in doubt, go with them.

Immortals (NA)
Team Solomid (NA)
Cloud9 (NA)

Origen (EU)
H2K (EU)
Fnatic (EU)

SK Telecom (LCK)
Koo Tigers (LCK)
Longzhu Gaming (LCK)

Edward Gaming (LPL)
LGD Gaming (LPL)
QG Reapers (LPL)

AHQ Esports (LMS)
Flash Wolves (LMS)
Taipei Assassins (LMS)

Teams to Play Against

Sometimes you have to go cheap on a position and hope you get lucky with some surprise points. That can be a great tactic with the right team. These teams, on the other hand, have very little chance of surprising you with big fantasy points. These are the teams you want your picks to play AGAINST.

Team Dignitas (NA)
Team Impulse (NA)

Elements (EU)
Team Roccat (EU)

Samsung Galaxy (LCK)
Jin Air Green Wings (LCK)

Cougar Esports (LMS)
Heatwave (LMS)

Biggest Roster Changes That Impact Fantasy

Not all roster changes have a huge impact on fantasy results. But these will have far-reaching consequences you need to keep in mind when making your picks each day.

TSM Isn’t Guaranteed (NA): The new roster looks very strong on paper, but their playstyle looks to be safe and slow, which won’t lead to as many fantasy points as we’d like, despite their likely dominance in the region.

C9 looks aggressive (NA): Their new aggro jungler will make sure that their wins finally turn into fantasy points for owners.

H2K is scary (EU): Some people are calling the new H2K team the best team that the West has ever produced. I think that’s an exaggeration, but their strength and playstyle should lead to slightly more points than last year.

Fnatic Hasn’t Fallen (EU): Fnatic will lose more games, but the new roster’s lack of coordination will likely cause them to rely on their raw skill to win games. That’s actually good for fantasy owners because they should struggle to cleanly close out their wins (which limited their fantasy points last Split).

CJ Entus is Gone (LCK): After barely missing out on Worlds last year, an exodus of talent has left CJ Entus completely destroyed. They’re still in the league, but can’t be trusted like they have been in the past.

SKT Could Stumble in Shotcalling (LCK): They lost two studs, Marin in the top lane (their shotcaller) and Easyhoon in mid lane. That could lead to some messy macro play in the first weeks of the season as they adjust.

The Schedule

Hopefully this quick cheatsheet will be a nice reference tool for you as you make your first picks in each region this week!

As always, you can watch all of the matches for free on Riot’s official website.

You can look up the schedule for each league there as well, but here’s what’s happening this week.

NA LCS: Saturday – Sunday
EU LCS: Thursday – Friday
LCK: Wednesday – Saturday
LPL: Thursday – Saturday
LMS: Thursday – Saturday

The closest Josh Augustine ever got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.