LoL Targets: October 11

This has been a crazy week of matches so far! And now it’s time to dive into the wild west of Worlds: Group B, where teams do whatever the heck they want and spoil analyst predictions constantly.

As a reminder, all of the games today are being played back to back and the fantasy leagues are broken up into three chunks. So if you want to have the best chances of winning, you should watch the earlier games to see how teams are performing before locking in rosters for the later leagues. Here we’ll be making picks that cover the whole day.

Featured Image Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr


The Stud: Zz1tai vs. C9 ($6600)
CLG’s sudden failure could be a bad omen for C9. Both teams used rotate-heavy tower-pushing strategies that non-NA teams were very unfamiliar with in week 1. But they’ve had a whole week to watch footage, plan counter-strategies, and even look at how teams successfully shut down CLG. But C9 has been beating the odds for weeks now and they’re great at adapting their pick-and-ban strategies on the fly. Thankfully, this match is one of the last of the day, so you can see if C9 looks stifled before locking this in. If they look weak at all, play Zz1tai with confidence: he scored 28 points against them last time, in a loss!

The Value Pick: Ziv vs. FNC ($5800)
FNC and AHQ put on this group’s bloodiest show last week, with 41 total kills. Ziv got fantasy points for 23 of those kills, way more than any other player in the game. It’s tough to predict who will win this game before we see how FNC and AHQ look today, but if it’s even half as bloody, this bottom-of-the-barrel price should easily pay for itself.


The Stud: Kakao vs. AHQ ($6300) or C9 ($6400)
When IG played well last week, they produced some very high-fantasy-point games and Kakao grabbed his fair share in both (25 and 29 pooints). If you’re feeling risky, you can grab Kakao against AHQ in the first round of games, or wait for the C9 matchup if you want more info before committing.

The Value Pick: Mountain vs. FNC ($5600)
Mountain had some rough games last week, but he exploded for 32 points against FNC as AHQ took down the European favorites. For this cheap price, I’m definitely keeping an eye on these two teams. This would be an incredible bargain if I like AHQ’s chances in the last round of games.


The Stud: Rookie vs. AHQ ($7900)
Rookie didn’t die a single time when they played AHQ last week, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to pull off a repeat performance today. I’d be happy with another 30 points to start of my fantasy squad!

The Value Pick: Incarnati0n vs. IG ($6600)
Would you like 54 points on your fantasy team? That’s how many points Incarnati0n got against this underperforming IG squad last week, and he’s the second-cheapest mid laner you can buy across the whole day! Unless C9 looks like a total train wreck, this should be an incredibly efficient pick up.

AD Carry

The Stud: Rekkles vs. C9 ($7600)
This looks like a total win-win pick. When FNC lost to C9 last week, they had plenty of fights that let Rekkles score almost 40 points before the end. If that’s what he gets when they lose, imagine what he could score if they win.

The Value Pick: Sneaky vs. IG ($6900)
Sneaky amassed 51 points against IG last week as they bullied IG’s obviously weak bot lane. Until we see C9 fall, I’m willing to believe that he can do it again.


The Stud: Yellowstar vs. C9 ($6100)
Half the supports in this group turned in a negative score last week, so you have to be very careful when paying high for one here. But Yellowstar has been consistent, turning in mostly decent scores even in their losses. His highest score (20) was in his loss to C9. That’s pretty low overall, so I think I’d prefer to go cheap in the support spot in this group, but this is your best stud option if you really want to take it.

The Value Pick: Albis vs. FNC ($4200)
Albis had two undeniably awful fantasy games last week, but he turned in 25 points against FNC. His price tag makes him the cheapest support purchase of the entire day, and there’s definitely upside!


The Stud: Fnatic vs. AHQ ($4400)
Fnatic lost to AHQ last week, but still managed to get 15 points on their way down. If they win, they’ll likely cap out around 25.

The Value Pick: C9 vs. AHQ ($3800)
I suspect that AHQ will end up at the bottom of this group, and C9 tackles them in the second round of games. Scout them out before you take a gamble, but this is a nice price for a matchup that gave them 18 points last time.

The closest Josh Augustine ever got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer on EverQuest Next at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.