LoL Targets: March 20

Wow, I thought I was joking when I said in yesterday’s column that NA was a more stable region than EU, but it turns out that it’s true — at least for one day. Everything went according to plan yesterday for NA’s top teams, which should give you more confidence to pay for the high-prices picks today.

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The Stud: Huni vs. TIP ($7700)

IMT are looking as hot as ever after they trounced TSM yesterday, and Huni will have free reign to kill his enemies at will again today.

The Value Pick: Seraph vs. FOX ($5900)

REN players are still cheap today, so do the same thing we did yesterday: grab their key carries in top and mid lane (and sprinkle in the rest wherever you need to save cash). Seraph is the second pick you should grab, as he’ll be able to roll over KFO in lane, and carry that lead into fights — just like he always does against weaker opponents.


The Stud: Rush vs. TL ($6600)

Xmithie is a fine choice too, but the $400 discount is enough to make me go with Rush. C9 is the cleanest-looking team in NA right now, and Rush is a big part of all of their fights. Rush is going to be pushed to his limits by Dardoch — the other best Lee Sin player in NA. If all goes well, they should have a nice, long game against TL.

The Value Pick: Svenskeren vs. NRG ($6100)

REN players should be your go-to value pick for every position today, but if you’re looking to branch out, TSM’s Svenskeren is an interesting pick. NRG absolutely destroyed TSM the last time they faced off, and TSM hasn’t looked great lately, but this is probably Sven’s best chance to shine this weekend.

Moon (and all of NRG) looked incredibly lackluster against CLG yesterday. If Sven hangs around Bjergsen, he could be able to ride his coattails into points happy-land with constant mid-lane ganks.


The Stud: Jensen vs. TL ($7700)

If you bet on Rush, be sure to bet on Jensen too. These two are often the point-leaders on their team, so if C9 scores a ton of points, he’ll be the other big recipient. Oh, and he’s more than capable of crushing Fenix.

This matchup has more risk than the IMT game, so go there if you want safe — but you can save a decent chunk of change going with the slightly riskier C9 picks.

The Value Pick: Ninja vs. FOX ($6600)

Just like yesterday, you simply have to put Ninja into your roster at this super-low price point. He’s an absolute beast, and I’m confident starting him even against the super-conservative Froggen. Ninja may not be able to kill the elusive king of the slow-farm, but he’ll have plenty of opportunities to roam and kill everyone else on FOX — and fantasy points from those kills taste just as sweet.

AD Carry

The Stud: WildTurtle vs. TIP ($8600)

You love points? Wildturtle loves points too. He’s going to loves them so much today that he might as well marry them. TIP is just fodder for the pentakill.

The Value Pick: Doublelift vs. NRG ($7200)

Doublelift has quietly been having a killer fantasy season. His team is in shambles, but he’s still maintaining the 4th-highest ADC point average in NA (25.3). He should do decently even in a loss today, and could become a tremendous value if they win.


The Stud: Adrian vs. TIP ($6600)

I tend to shy away from Adrian because he has a big price premium on him every week. But he’s likely to be worth it today, against a TIP squad that’s bound to lose and won’t shy away from fights. Still, don’t feel bad if you can’t afford him — grab Aphromoo and be content.

The Value Pick: Hakuho vs. FOX ($4800)

With Ninja and Seraph securing all the kills for REN, the rest of the squad is mostly just racking up assists. So you don’t really take a big hit on points (and save a ton of money) going with the support over their ADC or jungler. And Hakuho is doing just fine on kill participation.


The Stud: CLG vs. DIG ($)

Just like I point out almost every week, CLG’s playstyle is perfect for team points and they should have no problem crushing DIG today.

The Value Pick: Renegades vs. FOX ($4200)

You like clean wins? FOX just curled up and died against C9 yesterday, without scoring even a single kill. This should be another clean win for their opponents today, with plenty of team points passed out.

The closest Josh Augustine got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.