LoL Targets: December 19

We made it through day one of the tournament without too many surprises! QG looks messier than expected, despite the win, and H2K struggled to put up meaningful points despite winning their 3-game series.

Today, two more giants enter the fray: the new Fnatic squad and Korea’s Ever.

Featured Image Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr


The Stud: Gamsu vs. QG ($7200)
Any player on Fnatic is going to carry some risk today, since this is an almost entirely new team. But QG was a mess yesterday and Fnatic’s rookie-team mistakes might actually make this game drag out longer, giving us more time for points.

The Value Pick: Crazy vs. H2K ($6000)
Odoamne looked weak yesterday, especially in the early game. H2K sent all resources to bot lane, like we expected them to in yesterday’s post, and Odoamne was often left exposed as the weak link for enemy gankers to exploit. That let Balls (70) and Sneaky (81) both amass massive point totals against him.

It’s tough to predict how Ever will do here, but I really like the upside this lane has against H2K if Ever can succeed.


The Stud: Jankos vs. EVR ($5800)
I’m following my heart on this one. H2K, in general, scored quite low yesterday despite winning their series. They invested heavily in split-push rotation comps and avoided fighting whenever possible.

But a few key bans (like Tristana) from Ever should force them to fight more to get their wins. And Jankos (43) was the most impressive player of the entire first round of games—his mechanics were impeccable, and his decision-making constantly punished C9′s mistakes. He should be able to get some early points, no matter how the game goes.

The Value Pick: Swift vs. FNC ($4600)
The biggest reason to grab Swift is that you save a ton of money (almost $1k below the next option). I’m not confident that him and QG will upset Fnatic, but this is a good candidate for a throwaway pick to get upgrades at your top 3 spots, where $1k can make a big difference.


The Stud: Febiven vs. QG ($7900)
The new Fnatic is mostly an unknown quantity for us, but we do know one thing: Febiven is in the top echelon of mid-laners in the world. He’s never needed jungle support and should be able to snag you fantasy points no matter how the rest of his team does. If his teammates pull through, he could bring in a big haul.

The Value Pick: Athena vs. H2K ($6800)
Ryu should give Athena a good fight in the mid lane, and I think either player is a decent option. But the $300 cheaper price tag makes me lean towards Athena here. We know less about his performance in the current meta, but we know he was strong in the Summer—and Ever isn’t in the middle of a long vacation, like QG and the other Chinese teams have been, which really hurt their performance in this tournament.

AD Carry

The Stud: Rekkles vs. QG ($8400)
You’re paying a very hefty price for this European superstar (he’s the most expensive player today), so you’re really banking on a Fnatic win. If you dive deep here, you’re probably going for an all-in strategy and plan to pick up some other Fnatic picks and avoid QG entirely.

The good news, if you’re going that route, is that Rekkles is the other rock of Fnatic. He’s got a new laning partner, but his playstyle never relied on super keen synergy for early advantages. He often plays passively in lane, just getting his CS and waiting for the teamfights. As long as his new support is on board with that plan, the risk is very minimal.

The Value Pick: Loken vs. H2K ($7200)
Forg1ven (47) may have won the series against C9, but he only scored half the points of the enemy ADC (81). That bodes well for Loken and the Ever bot lane, who will be hoping to be left alone as often as Sneaky was yesterday.

Forg1ven and crew showed a lot of improvement just in those 3 games, so the outcome of the match is uncertain. But any time I can buy into a lane that has a decent chance of being left alone to power up, I’m interested.


The Stud: Vander vs. EVR ($5600)
Vander (51) outscored his ADC partner (47) yesterday. In all three games, while Forg1ven was split pushing, Vander was roaming around the map to make plays with his jungling BFF. That’s exactly the type of support you want on your fantasy team—lots of assists and very little deadtime spent babysitting in lane.

The Value Pick: Tct vs. FNC ($4300)
QG put together a very messy effort against Dignitas yesterday, creating plenty of opportunities for fantasy owners to fist-pump/high-five/whatever-it-is-cool-kids-do-now. I’m hopeful that the leaderless Fnatic squad will be a bit uncoordinated as well tomorrow, allowing another set of bloody games if QG can actually hold their own for awhile. Tct is super cheap, and should soak up plenty of ambient points if Fnatic has trouble closing it out.


The Stud: Fnatic ($5100)
QG looked completely lost yesterday (why did they think they could come here without practicing beforehand?). Fnatic will need to find their footing fast, but we saw the sort of improvement H2K was able to have over their series yesterday, and I think Fnatic will show the same quick adaptation today to secure their win.

The Value Pick: H2K ($4300)
H2K’s best fantasy position is the team spot. While all of the players underperformed fantasy-wise, their team was the highest-scoring of the first day by a decent margin, bringing in 53 total points.

Their gameplan is exactly what we want for this position: lots of rotations to kill towers and take objectives, while avoiding fights as much as possible.

The closest Josh Augustine ever got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.