LoL Targets: April 9

Only eight teams are left in the LCS playoffs, and each of them is only one game away from making it to the finals of their region. We should see a lot of strong play and hopefully a surprise team comp or two as teams hold nothing back to make it into the big game.

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The Stud: Odoamne vs. OG ($6800)

One of the best top laners in EU against one of the worst, this is not a matchup you want to miss. H2K has had three week to prepare for this Semifinals series (although they’ve only known that OG would be their opponents for one of those weeks). Odoamne has proven to be proficient on every type of top lane champion under the sun and Soaz has always resisted the tank-heavy meta (which is what we’re seeing now) when it comes around. Odoamne will out-pick and out-play Soaz at every step.

The Value Pick: Lourlo vs. CLG ($6000)

Piglet isn’t always TL’s fantasy stud. In fact, none of TL’s carries were the most efficient picks on the team last week. It was actually the three rookies. Lourlo fits in perfectly with the tank-heavy meta that lets him grab a champion like Poppy, Nautilus, or Gnar (his three top-played this Split) and focus on team fights. His lane opponent, Darshan, is still struggling to find his place in this meta that doesn’t really want him on his go-to carry split pushers.


The Stud: Jankos vs. OG ($6600)

Superstitious fantasy owners will probably stay away from drafting too many H2K players today, but you’ve got to let your brain beat your heart. Yes, OG has always stepped up big in playoffs. Yes, Xpeke is half magical-wunderkid-that-always-finds-a-way-to-win.

But OG are sloppy and H2K are methodical, ruthless, and powerful. Jankos in particular, should be fully prepared to dissect and destroy Amazing’s jungle attempts and his laners won’t let the sloppy mistakes that OG made last week slide. H2K will punish every misstep OG makes and Jankos will be at the forefront in the laning phase.

The Value Pick: Dardoch vs. CLG ($5700)

There’s no better value pick on the board today than Dardoch. He’s quickly establishing himself as one of the best junglers in NA and he loves to toy with his prey and rack up kills — often a rare trait among junglers, which gives fantasy owners tons of points. When TL has won games in the second half of the Split, it’s been because Dardoch steps up big and carries. The potential here for such a low cost is simply irresistable.


The Stud: Huhi vs. TL ($7200)

I’m hesitant to take any CLG players against TL today. CLG is smart and plays to their strengths well, but the current meta suits TL better and they looked absolutely gigantic last week against NRG.

But Fenix is definitely a weak spot and Huhi has occassionally, if inconsistently, stepped up to be a hard carry for CLG in important matches this split. This is more risky than I usually like my stud picks (so go for Ryu if you want the more stable points), but he has the potential to be a huge factor in this game if he can get powered up early and TL keeps trying to scrap with him.

The Value Pick: Fenix vs. CLG ($6600)

You can’t draft an OG mid laner. I wanted to believe there was a trick to pull off with players getting 15 points for each game they don’t play in a series they win, but the reality is that POE and Xpeke sharing time just hurts both of them as fantasy players. Even if OG wins, these players may both score poorly because they split the stage time.

Even if you’re going all-in on OG, you should avoid mid lane. But if you can’t resist, at least grab xPeke. OG’s best chances for winning this series is POE bombing in game 1 to setup a miracle revival from xPeke.

But that’s crazy talk. Fenix is at least guaranteed to play all of his games.

AD Carry

The Stud: Piglet vs. CLG ($6700)

I’m more than happy to avoid the top 2 ADCs today and save a bundle of money. Piglet is one of the most consistent ADCs in the league, and his points average is higher than anyone else’s. I’m not scared of him facing CLG, even if Aphro and crew contained him when they faced earlier in the year.

Piglet has come so close and lost too many times lately. He won’t let it happen again. I think he’ll ascend to a whole new level of play if this series gets tight.

The Value Pick: Zven vs. H2K ($6500)

If OG wins, it will (once again) be entirely on the back of Zven. If you’re going to gamble on OG as a primary part of your roster, you’d be insane to omit Zven. Flex-seekers looking to just fill an extra spot, however, can find better value-per-dollar in other positions.


The Stud: Jankos vs. OG ($5800)

I love Aphromoo, and he’s been playing great, but he’s overpriced today. He has the lowest value rating (price / average points) of anyone on CLG today. I’d much rather take my chances with H2K’s support, who’ll face a stiff challenge in Zven, but should be able to recuperate from any early lane struggles in later teamfights.

The Value Pick: Mithy vs. H2K ($4700)

Mithy is a rarity in the world of supports. Everyone on OG besides Zven essentially scores the same number of points, on average. But the support spot is always cheapest. So he’s the very first player I’d pick up on OG, even before the still-very-expensive Zven. $4700 buys you into his 20.8-point average, compared to $5-6k+ prices for Soaz, Amazing, and POE — all of whom only average 22 points.


The Stud: H2K vs. OG ($5200)

Same ol’, same ol’. H2K was our go-to team pick all season long because they play smart, slow, and objective-focused. That won’t change today, especially against the OG team that often looks disorganized.

The Value Pick: Team Liquid vs. CLG ($4300)

You can take a gamble on OG for $300 less, but unless you’re going all-in on that team, I’d much prefer to dabble in TL’s team points. That matchup is more likely to go beyond 3 games.

The closest Josh Augustine got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.