LoL Targets: April 3

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m about maxed out on upsets for one weekend. People who took big risks yesterday were rewarded just as large as the underdogs took over. But today’s matches are even closer, so we can’t take anything for granted!

Featured Image Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr


The Stud: Lourlo vs. NRG ($6600)

This one’s really tough. I don’t want to put my fate into the hands of OG’s fickle top-laner, but I’m also hesitant to start anyone against the stalwart Impact, either.

In the end, I’m leaning towards Lourlo, because Impact has gone through some serious low trends this Split and Lourlo is the most consistent player in the top lane talent pool today. In a best-of-5 series, he’ll get plenty of opportunities to shine, even if Impact shuts him down once or twice.

The Value Pick: Vizicsacsi vs. OG ($5800)

It’s a little crazy that Vizi against Soaz is the cheapest option you can buy today. The veterans on OG have a history of stepping up during playoffs (especially if xPeke gets back in the driver’s seat), but UOL looked good last week and has had plenty of time to formulate a gameplan for this series.

OG has the raw talent, but their weakness has always been coaching (more specifically, they don’t think they need it). That disparity should have its biggest-ever impact today, when UOL has had 2 weeks to work with their coaches and analysts to find a way to crack OG’s plan.


The Stud: Dardoch vs. NRG ($6400)

One of the most dominant and aggressive junglers against the shakiest! It’s like a repeat of Rush vs. Svenskeren yesterday — and that can’t go wrong twice in a row… right?

But seriously, NRG can’t afford to target all of their bans at Dardoch, or else Piglet and Fenix are going to destroy them. So hopefully that’ll prevent Dardoch from being hosed like Rush was yesterday. If he can get on a comfort pick like Lee Sin, he should have no problem dominating Moon.

The Value Pick: Loulex vs. OG ($5500)

I swear it’s not going to be all UOL and TL picks today, but jungle and top lane are the weakest lanes on their opponents OG and NRG, so those are the ones we want to bet against. Loulex has been very solid this Split and should be able to soak up plenty of assists with solid gameplay while easily avoid Amazing’s attempts to pressure him.


The Stud: xPeke vs. UOL ($7200)

Before you draft any OG mid laners, make sure you swing by their official Twitter accounts, the official match page, and other official sources to see if you can make sure there’ve been no surprise last-minute swaps of who’ll be starting.

Right now, xPeke is the expected starter, but it’s completely possible that he shares time with POE this series. But if you’re willing to stomach that risk, xPeke is a legendary player that’s hard to resist in playoff games like this. He has a long history of stepping up and flat-out carrying his entire team to the win.

The Value Pick: GBM vs. TL ($6600)

NRG fans have been waiting all Split for GBM to step into his potential and become a dominant mid laner consistently. We haven’t seen this NRG team in a best-of-5 series yet, so it’s hard to predict who’ll thrive in this format, but Fenix has given opposing mid laners room to grow in the laning phase lately. If GBM can get on a hot streak early against Fenix, he’ll burn hot through the whole series.

AD Carry

The Stud: Piglet vs. NRG ($7400)

Unless you’re abandoning TL entirely, you have to get Piglet on your roster. He’s TL’s point-king and the highest scorer playing in todayt’s contest. His challenger, Altec, has been extremely passive and if these games go late, Piglet will be the one to clean up every fight.

The Value Pick: Steelback vs. OG ($6500)

If you think OG is going to dominate, Zven is a great pick. But you save $1000 by taking the gamble on Steelback — UOL’s most underrated player. He has the highest point average of anyone on the squad and could get put against the squishy Soaz in lane if they opt into a lane swap. Yes, please!


The Stud: Mithy vs. UOL ($5700)

OG’s support is crucial to their vision game and shotcalling, but we don’t get fantasy points for those. So we’re often left with a complete boom or bust when we pick up Mithy. If OG is in their typical playoff form, it should be all boom — with some free bonus points tacked on for winning the series quickly.

The Value Pick: Hylissang vs. OG ($4800)

It’s incredibly hard to go with NRG’s support pick here. We want supports that have a chance to 3-0 their opponent to get the free 20 points for each game in the series they don’t have to play. That’s often the same or higher than what supports typically score in wins. There’s almost no chance that TL goes out 0-3, but OG could crumble if they get tilted early. So if I’m taking a risk, I’d go for the biggest upside here and that’s Hyli.


The Stud: Team Liquid vs. NRG ($5000)

I’m rooting for more of those classic 7-Dragons-and-3-Barons TL games we saw earlier in the season!

The Value Pick: NRG vs. TL ($4200)

I think this series is likely to go longer than the other, so I’d look for my cheap team pick here — where they should get at least 1 or 2 wins even if they lose the series. I think OG vs. UOL will be more one-sided for whichever team takes the first game, which makes it riskier for the team slot.