LoL Targets: April 2

Welcome back to the mundane life of post-April-Fools, when the world stops trying to trick you every 10 seconds. Hopefully, the LCS teams playing this weekend won’t trick you either and we’ll be able to make strong predictions that lead to big wins.

Since we’re still in the playoffs, the format is a little different than usual. Today’s contests include the two best-of-5 series Quarterfinals being played in NA and EU today. Cross-region hype!

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The Stud: Cabochard vs. FNC ($6800)

No other top lane pick even comes close to the studliness of Cabochard in this matchup. Cabo has been rock-solid all season long, always landing near 30 points — and his last match against FNC was no different (32 points). He’ll go ham on Gamsu and help carry your team.

The Value Pick: Hauntzer vs. C9 ($5300)

I’m not super excited to take anyone on TSM today, but you simply can’t take the risk with Gamsu, so this is your only cheap option. Balls has been looking good this Split, but he could slip up against Hauntzer, who has looked like one of the best top laners in NA at times.


The Stud: Rush vs. TSM ($6800)

Ah… the sweet, sweet smell of points in the jungle. Svenskeren has looked like the weakest spot on TSM lately, and Rush loves nothing more than smothering the enemy jungler with pressure. He should grab a couple solo kills in between powering up his laners.

The Value Pick: Spirit vs. VIT ($5400)

Spirit has been criticized this Split for focusing too much on farm, but here’s the thing — he still has a higher average points than VIT’s Shook, because when FNC fights get messy, they get messssyyyy. Spirit has the opportunity to rack up a lot of kills.

VIT is the sort of team that will strangle out FNC’s chances slowly and safely if they win, so there’s a lot of risk with FNC’s players today. They’re all extreme boom or bust picks, but Spirit could blow up if FNC takes charge of the series early.


The Stud: Jensen vs. TSM ($7700)

If I’m being honest, I’d start all C9 players today if my salary cap allowed it. They play for points and love to fight. If I could only grab one, I’d take Jensen — even going up agaisnt Bjergsen. Jensen has the highest points average of any player in today’s rosters, and none of it has been a fluke. His dominant and assertive playstyle has earned every bit of the praise he’s getting.

The Value Pick: Bjergsen vs. C9 ($5900)

Bjergsen doesn’t lose, TSM loses. Even when his team has faltered this Split, Bjergsen has scored solid fantasy points. On top of that, he’s traditionally performed well in these best-of-5 series in the past, and has been getting pep talks from the legendary sports psychologist guru Wheldon all month in preparation for this series.

Bjergsen is going to have to step up even bigger than usual if TSM is going to win this series, so he’d be the very first black-and-white player I’d draft. He’s so cheap too!

AD Carry

The Stud: Hjarnan vs. FNC ($7600)

You can’t go wrong with Sneaky, but I like Hjarnan’s chances against this weak FNC bot lane too. Klaj has been non-existant at best (11 point average previous 3 games) and the new-teammate magic seems to have worn off of Rekkles, who’s struggled to be relevant in FNC’s losses.

If VIT can seize control of bot lane early with a little jungle help, Hjarnan and KaSing will crush.

The Value Pick: Doublelift vs. C9 ($6000)

TSM is going to win at least one game of their series, and Doublelift has scored very well in wins. But here’s the key, like Bjergsen, he’s also scored decent in losses. He’s the sort of stable, consistent player like Bjergsen that should score very well in a best-of-5 series.


The Stud: Kasing vs. FNC ($5800)

Especially this week, I think you need to pair up your ADC and support picks to pull from the same team. One of these best-of-5 series is going to score higher than the other, and the risk for double-dipping is so much lower than usual because there are only two games happening today.

Kasing always scores well in wins and plays like he’s got himself on his fantasy team.

The Value Pick: Klaj vs. VIT ($4700)

I really, really don’t want to start either of the cheap supports today, so I would definitely recommend against grabbing more than one total support in your lineup. Klaj and Yellowstar are both big weak spots on their teams that are only going to score points if they can avoid getting picked off and just hover around their teammates fighting. No thanks.


The Stud: Team Vitality vs. FNC ($5200)

VIT is the only team playing today that has the safe and objective-first playstyle that we covet in this team position. They’re also the safest pick for a win today, so I’m doubly on board!

The Value Pick: TSM vs. C9 ($3600)

If FNC lose to VIT, they’re going to get completely choked out. TSM should at least be able to take some towers, a few dragons, and at least on game off of C9 — and that’s the worst-case scenario. They’re still the underdogs, but they have a chance at the upset and that’d bring in big team points.

The closest Josh Augustine got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.