LoL Targets: April 17

It’s time to settle the big question: who are the two best teams in NA and EU? The finals are finally here and the matchups look to be explosive and fun! Hopefully that means plenty of fantasy points for us too!

Featured Image Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr


The Stud: Kikis vs. OG ($6600)

This top lane tank meta was made for Kikis. He doesn’t have the carry potential of players like Huni or Soaz, but he can play it safe in lane and soak up damage in team fights with the best of them. He doesn’t have to beat Soaz, he just has to not lose too hard — and his points will come after laning phase, when both of these teams will want to fight for days.

The Value Pick: Darshan vs. TSM ($5600)

Darshan showed his flexibility last week. He’s not a one-trick split-pusher (he says the team just thought that was the strongest strategy for most of the season). He’s versatile and adept in this tank meta too. If CLG holds up against TSM’s triple threat, Darshan should be the top scorer on his team. This is the first CLG pick to take.


The Stud: Trick vs. OG ($6400)

It’s a tough call between Svenskeren or Trick — and I think your chances are fine with either one. I give the slight edge to Trick, though, because he’s going up against Amazing, who’s still struggled to be a dominant force (he scored less than his mid lane teammate, who even sat out of one of their wins!). Trick should be able to apply pressure anywhere he wants, and Amazing will have to play catch up all day long.

The Value Pick: Xmithie vs. TSM ($5400)

This is the riskiest pick of the day. Svenskeren played out of his mind last week, and you’d have to be a little crazy to draft his opponent today. But, CLG is super cheap, and make for an interesting high-risk all-in candidate. If you go with that, Xmithie will be a key pickup, as he’s been heavily involved in his team’s objective plays.


The Stud: Bjergsen vs. CLG ($7500)

Usually, my must-draft player of the day is a low-cost value pick. Not today! Bjergsen is surprisingly affordable, considering his point trends. He’ll score well even in a loss, and will absolutely dominate the points charts if they win.

Bjergsen is the very first TSM player you should draft, and isn’t a bad pickup even if you’re going all-in on CLG. He always pulls his weight.

The Value Pick: Huhi vs. TSM ($6200)

You need more guts than I’ve got to bet on an OG mid laner today. They’re going up against a tougher opponent, which means they’ll likely lose a game and sub in xPeke — and likely lose that game too. It’s hard to see the upside there, which leaves us with Huhi facing Bjergsen as the only value pick in the lane. Ugh. Please, please just buy Bjergsen and put other positions in your Flex.

AD Carry

The Stud: Doublelift vs. CLG ($7600)

Aphromoo has got the goods, but Stixxay has been stumbling. Doublelift is in the right frame of mind and should be ready to put out a career-level game in this series to get revenge on the team that tossed him out during the off-season.

The Value Pick: Zven vs. G2 ($6600)

I may just be stubborn at this point, but I still don’t believe in OG’s chances today. But, the one thing I do believe in is Zven. This guy is always good, and will have all the opportunities imaginable to carry his team today. He’s nice and cheap, so consider him like an all-encompassing OG upside pick — if they win, he’ll get the points. Toss him in your flex spot and focus on the other teams everywhere else.


The Stud: Hyrbid vs. OG ($5600)

I wish we could just buy Yellowstar for $3800 again, like last week! Instead, we’re forced to pay top-top dollar for a guaranteed support player. Unless you’ve got salary cap to burn, I’d take a value pick here and spend the cash on the real carries. If you need a top support pick, though, I’d go for Hybrid, who’s been rock-solid.

The Value Pick: Mithy vs. G2 ($4800)

If OG win, they’re going to do it through their bot lane, and Mithy will soak up plenty of points in the resulting teamfights. This matchup in general should have tons of bloodshed, so grabbing either support is a decent bet.


The Stud: Team Solomid vs. CLG ($5200)

You’re paying top price for this, but if you’re going deep in TSM picks, you should definitely grab this too.

The Value Pick: CLG vs. TSM ($3900)

It’s risky, but CLG has always scored extremely well in the team slot when they win, and they’re more likely to play a full series than OG. I wouldn’t feel bad trading down to this from TSM and saving $1,300 bucks. Just make sure you’re not betting on both sides of this game — if you want to do that, go for OG and G2, which should be messier.

The closest Josh Augustine got to going pro in esports was beating his older brother at Street Fighter. He currently works as a game designer at Daybreak Games. He’d love to talk with you on Twitter.