League of Legends Worlds and You

As September comes to a close it can only mean one thing is drawing near. MLB playoffs? Nah. NFL season starting out? Nah. It means it’s time for the League of Legends World Championships, also known as worlds, to begin! Worlds is basically an international postseason for League players, a large group stage leads into a single elimination bracket to determine the winner. It is the culmination of each region’s season and it is the most lucrative and prestigious tournament each year.

This will be the fifth iteration of Worlds and by far the most competitive. Each time Worlds has been hosted and played it has become a better and better spectacle, with prize pools going from one hundred thousand USD all the way up to two million! Alongside the monetary reward and the bragging rights the winning team gets immortalized in the game with their own team skins.

Starting in season one where it was three teams from Europe, three from the US, one from Singapore and one from the Phillipines. Fnatic eventually took it down to become the first League of Legends World Champions.

Season two saw the rise of the international scene, with teams from South Korea, Europe, North America, China, Taiwan, and played host to some of the most memorable matches and moments in League history. From fifty minute games where the fans were cheering for ward kills. To unlikely upsets where a relatively unknown team, The Taipei Assassins, shocked the League scene and ran the table to unseat everyone.

Season three saw the changing of the guard, the rise of the “Korean Overlords” and the undisputed best player in League Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok. Faker the mid laner for the South Korean team SK Telecom T1 rampaged through the competition and claimed the title. Season four was the most competitive event yet, with both EU and NA teams making it out of groups, culminating in an epic last stand by Europe’s Fnatic against China’s OMG. But as the dust settled the korean overlords would not be outshined, and in the end the most dominating team we have seen took the mantle. Samsung White had top three players at each position and the dominance that was seen will probably never be seen again.

Season five began with the exodus of a lot of top korean talent due to Riot’s new rule which limits one team per organization. The top Korean teams all had sister teams and as such a lot of top Korean talent became free agents, most went to china and the rest went to Europe and North America. Throughout the season all the regions were looking strong and showing great strides in improvement, with Worlds looming this season shows promise of other regions’ chance to shine and prove that the Korean teams can be beaten by the men of the west!