League of Legends Basics


Each game is five versus five on a single map with one team on the blue side (left) and another on the red side (right). The complete objective of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus that is located on the bottom left and top right corners of the map.

The first item of business is identifying that what roles each of the players play in the game. When watching, you will notice that the player icons appear in a column of five players and they are always in the same order as listed below.


Top: This is traditionally a tank role that is there to engage the other team in a team fight and soak up damage. Think of a offensive line-man that is there to make sure that his quarterback or running back can make the desired play and move up the field.

Jungler: This player roams through the jungle area of the map and occasionally will gank, (blitz, better analogy), one of the three other lanes to help them get an advantage. A successful gank will result in a kill or objective taken from the other team.

Mid Laner: Generally these players are meant to be one of the two carries in the game. As they gain levels and gold, they will be a large source of damage in the middle to late game.

Attack Damage Carry (AD Carry): Normally these are the players that will be on top with the most fantasy points. They are there to get kills and deal massive amounts of damage to the other team.

Support: The guy who is there to make the AD Carry look good. They are meant to do whatever it takes to make sure that their AD Carry doesn’t die or is safe from the other team.


So now that we know what the different roles are, where do we go from here? Well, there are also objectives that are taken during the game that will boost your fantasy points.

Towers (1 point): Each team has 11 towers that help to protect their nexus. There are three in each of the lanes (top, middle, bottom) and two more that directly protect the nexus.

Dragons (2 points): This is a neutral objective that either team can take for themselves. Once a dragon is killed then another one will spawn in 6 minutes.

Barons (3 points): This is another neutral objective. The first baron will spawn at 20 minutes and once killed will respawn after 7 minutes.


Teams will start each game with a ban and pick phase where the each will ban out 3 champions and then alternate in picking their 5 champions for each team. A champion is the in game personality that a player picks, and they each have differing skills and abilities that make then stronger or weaker versus certain match-ups. Once these picks are complete then the players will load onto the map and start the game.

Once the game starts the goal is to farm up and kill creeps for your creep score (+.02 FPTS). Players do this to earn gold and experience so they can buy items later on in the game. After the 10-20 minute mark players will become more powerful, and the threat of an all-out team fight will become more and more likely.

After teams successfully take more and more of the objectives and towers, they will be able to destroy the opponent’s nexus or force the opponent to forfeit the match.

What other ways can you gain fantasy points?

  • Kills (3 points)
  • Deaths (-1 point)
  • Assists (2 points): Assisting a teammate in killing an opponent
  • Creep Score (+.02 points)
(Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr)