League of Legends All Stars 2015

With the excitement of worlds in our wake and the preseason underway it’s time for one of the most enjoyable events in league of legends, All Star weekend! Like most other sports the League All Star event is one giant exhibition event comprised of the most popular, fan voted, players from every region.

With star studded teams representing NA LCS, EU LCS, China’s LPL, Korea’s LCK, South East Asia’s LMS and the International Wild Card this event is going to be one of the most exciting and enjoyable viewing experiences league fans will get. Since this is an exhibition teams will be more likely to try risky or flashy plays and let loose instead of the normal conservative and passive gameplay normal professional games have.

There will be a normal round robin style tournament played alongside multiple custom game modes such as an all assassins game mode, tandem mode where two players will control one champion and the much anticipated one versus one tournament. With all these things going for it the League All Star weekend will be a great treat to watch and I’m interested in seeing what these players can bust out on the preseason patch. On a final note it is important to realize that while this is an exhibition there is still pride and money on the line so these teams and players will be trying to win.