Nimer’s Notes: NA LCS Week 6 Day 1

After last week’s excitement we need a breather, and we’re going to get a just moment to catch our breath. In Week 6, most of the matches have a definitive favorite, so we’ll take a look at not only players but potential upsets to bet on, which brings us to…

(Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr)

Dignitas vs NRG

Predicting this match is excruciating. First off, we haven’t seen the full NRG roster play against Dignitas; if you recall in Week 1, NRG had to use two substitutes against Dignitas. Secondly, it’s unknown whether NRG’s jungler Galen “Moon” Holgate is going to replaced this week or not, though the news should be out by thursday. Depending on if he is replaced on who replaces him can drastically affect the match.

Should Moon play, it’s probable that NRG will fall behind early to Dignitas while it attempts to scale. Dignitas will then press its advantages and fumble in the mid-game around Baron, throwing the game back to NRG. With a setup like that, drafting players from this game is profitable, but we have to get it right. For Dignitas players, draft Danny “Shiphtur” Le and Alan “KiWiKDNguyeni. They have the highest kill participations on Dignitas, so they’re going to be central to Dignitas’ early success. Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong makes a decent pickup, having an individual edge over Billy “BillyBoss” Yu.

Should NRG change junglers, adapt your picks accordingly. Overall, this could be a game you want to ignore, but the potential for points is alluring.


Renegades vs Immortals

What happens when the last place team faces the first place team? A slaughter. Immortals should have this game down pat, barring any crazy substitutions from Renegades that are massive upgrades. There’s not much else to say: Immortals players will be expensive, so if you’re drafting players from cheaper teams and can afford their higher salaries, pick any of Immortals up, preferably Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin.  

Team SoloMid vs Cloud9

The best game of the day, it’s the old meeting of rivals Team SoloMid and Cloud9. With the change in TSM’s coaching staff, we don’t know how the team’s approach to the game is going to change. Regardless, both teams have been scrappy recently. Cloud9 totaled 31 kills last week while TSM had 32 in closer matchups. So while their first meeting in Week 3 was low on the kills, there could be a clash now that they are gelling as teams.

If you favor Cloud9 to win, Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, and Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi are where you should look to. For TSM, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim and Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng are key pick ups. This is going to be a close one, so good luck.


Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Impulse

Another quick matchup, Counter Logic Gaming should wrap up this game handedly. CLG has been one of the strongest teams in this split, while Team Impulse has benefitted from pulling in substitutes from time to time against lower tier teams. CLG may be expensive, but should be cheaper than Immortals players so if you need to pad your roster with safe points, CLG is an alternative, and nearly any of its players will work.  

Team Liquid vs Echo Fox

In Week 2, Echo Fox couldn’t field its main roster because of improper visas, and Team Liquid were able to close out a long plus-40 minute game. When the main roster returned in Week 5, Echo Fox went 2-0, beating Renegades and NRG efficiently.

While Liquid has proven to be good, Echo Fox certainly has a chance to upset them here. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of data with Echo Fox’s main roster to work with, so picking Echo Fox players is somewhat risky. Henrik “Froggen” Hansen is promising after he sported a 26 KDA in his return week, and unless Kim “FeniX” Jae-hun receives attention from Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett, Froggen will continue beasting. This is the most likely upset of the day, so consider plugging cheaper Echo Fox players so you can afford the big shots like Immortals.

Cheer loud and draft well, friends!

(All statistics courtesy of Oracles Elixir)